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FACILITIES (continued)


Metatech uses the latest state-of-the-art 64-bit microcomputers for scientific computing, desktop publishing and remote access to customer computers. These microcomputers include both the latest Pentium-Class IBM compatibles with large memory capacity and Apple Power Macintosh computers with enhanced color graphics and video editing capability. Metatech facilities have color laser printers and utilize high speed communications between offices and with customers, other researchers, and remote computing facilities.

Publication Production

Metatech offices have modern color laser printers, copy machines, binding equipment, and scanners which enable us to produce high-quality publications. All Metatech offices have complete color capabilities for producing high-quality briefings. The Goleta office has the capability to create computer-generated video tapes and DVDs. The publications staff provides editing, layout, and planning support to ensure the quality of our documents. Metatech primarily employs Macintosh computers for word processing, report layout, and graphics.

Libraries and Databases

Metatech maintains extensive libraries on electromagnetics and related subjects at each of its offices. These libraries are cataloged on an in-house database system. Through subscription services and the close proximity of government and university libraries, Metatech has fast access to technical publications it may need for its research efforts.

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