Metatech Corporation

Presented at EMC 2000

WROCLAW Poland  26-30 June 2000


EMC Strategy for the future

.......The ability to design and achieve electromagnetic compatibility is becoming more challenging with the rapid development of new electronic products and technologies.  This paper reviews the definition and status of EMC today, discusses the near term trends that have appeared, and proposes strategies to solve the EMC problems of the future.


.......Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is a new threat to electronic systems.  Society's dependence on computer systems has increased rapidly over the past decade, and the susceptibility of these electronic systems to EM interference is increasing every year.  At the same time hackers, criminals and terrorists are able to build EMI sources that can readily produce high level transient radiated and conducted disturbances.  This paper reviews the overall threat and recommends actions to deal with the problem.

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