Intentional EMI: Preliminary Results of Testing PC     Computer Systems to Conducted Transients


 Test Equipment Available

 Pulse Waveform Characteristics (IEC Compliant)

 Typical EFT Test Setup
 (10Base-T Cable Between a PC and a Hub    Connecting to a     Second PC)

 Typical CWG/Telecom Surge Setup
 (Injection onto a 10Base-T PC Port)

 Summary of Computer Characteristics

 Computer Test Summary

 EFT on Ethernet 10Base-T: Computer Upset    Threshold

 EFT on Power Cord: Computer Upset Threshold

 RJ-45 Damage from 4.5 kV Telecom Surge

 10Base-T Ethernet Chip Damage from 0.5 kV     Telecom Surge


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