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The goals set for Metatech are to:

• provide government and industry with technically sound and responsive research services, and products,

• provide Metatech employees with a technically satisfying and financially rewarding career experience, and

• provide Metatech stockholders with an attractive return on investment.

While job satisfaction and profitability are important goals at Metatech, these goals are viewed as natural consequences of providing value to our customers and of exercising prudent management of corporate resources.


Metatech's Corporate Office is located in Goleta, California (Santa Barbara County). This office, managed by Dr. William A. Radasky and is located at 358 S. Fairview Avenue, Suite E, Goleta, California 93117. The Goleta office can be reached by telephone at (805) 683-5681 or by FAX at (805) 683-3023.

Metatech's Southwestern Facility is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Bernalillo County). This office, managed by Mr. Christopher W. Jones, is located at 2340 Alamo Avenue S.E., Suite 300, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106. The Albuquerque office can be reached by telephone at (505) 243-0681 or by automatic FAX at (505) 243-0683.

Metatech's Applied Power Solutions Office (APS) is located in Duluth, Minnesota. This Division, managed by Mr. John Kappenman, is located at 5 West 1st Street, Suite 301,Duluth, MN 55802. APS can be reached by telephone at (218) 727-2666 or by FAX at (218) 727-2728.

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